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AI-powered waste reduction for smart food businesses.

How It Works

Increase profits

Better predictions result in your shelves being stocked perfectly, which helps your business drastically reduce food waste and increase margins, while still reducing out of stocks for customers.

At Farmstead, FreshAI has reduced perishable food waste to under 10%, compared to 35-40% at traditional supermarkets.


FreshAI was created at Farmstead, where it's reduced perishable food waste to under 10% in contrast to 35-40% average perishable food waste for typical supermarkets.

Farmstead is making FreshAI accessible to other food companies since reducing food waste is a global priority and there is a severe lack of good technology to help solve the problem.

Farmstead is a Silicon Valley consumer technology company that builds smart digital products to modernize the grocery supply chain. Our first innovation is an AI-powered digital grocer that sources and delivers fresh, local food from farm to table in 60 minutes or less. 

We reinvent the grocery experience by leveraging advancements in AI technology and the gig economy to meet consumers’ everyday grocery needs more sustainably. 

Our mission is to make high quality food accessible to everyone.

FreshAI helps restaurants, grocers, c-stores and wholesalers cut food waste to zero while reducing stockouts and accurately predicting demand.

AI-powered systems analyze your data.

FreshAI uses your historical sales, recent sales trends, item perishability and seasonality indicators coupled with the latest AI advancements to make a predictive analytics model custom tailored for your business.

Smarter JIT with AI.

Each week, your FreshAI model recommends exactly how much to order from your vendors for each item you stock. No more spreadsheets, manual guessing, or items sitting on shelves that never sell.


What is FreshAI?

FreshAI is AI-powered software that helps your food business reduce waste and increase profits. 

How does it work?

You upload data about your business, FreshAI builds AI-powered demand models tailored to your business that very accurately forecasts just what you need to keep in stock every day. It's a conceptually simple but profound change in the way inventory is managed, that has deep positive ramifications for your company's operations.

Why use FreshAI instead of your own spreadsheet system?

Using spreadsheets to track inventory and reduce wastage for multi-location businesses is error-prone, and subject to personal biases around managing stock. Having code predict demand much more accurately immediately improves your company's bottom line -- you buy just what you need from your vendors, and waste less.

What data does FreshAI need?

For every item you sell, FreshAI needs to know daily sales data over a certain historical period of time (which varies by industry). FreshAI can also take into account perishability information for each item (ex: 4 days on the shelf for blueberries) to improve your predictions. You can upload this data securely and privately with our easy to use interface or integrate directly with our API.

Who sees this data?

Only you and the FreshAI system.

What do predictions look like?

Every day FreshAI can recommend how many counts of any item to keep in stock for the next seven days, based on sales and seasonality, while reducing costs and improving margin. 

If it's the holidays, FreshAI will take into account the seasonal patterns tied to your business.

What does "self-learning" entail here?

FreshAI's models learn with each new update of data. If predictions don't match due to sudden spikes in demand, or abrupt seasonal changes that were not seen before, these models will learn them rapidly and predict better the next time around.

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FreshAI was extracted out of Farmstead, where it cut down perishable food waste to under 10% compared to traditional supermarket's 35-40%. We can help you! 

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